To do great work is one thing, to talk about it quite another. Many creatives still find it hard to promote themselves, that is why we have dedicated this months novum plus section to the topic of self-promotion. We talked to designers and studios from all around the world to find out about things that work and mistakes one doesn’t need to make twice. There are lots of creative ways to show yourself.  For the cover of this issue we used letterpress printing. The paper is made from milk fibres and apptly named »milkshake« and the cover design was done by Foxtrot Studio.

Single issues can be bought at: www.stiebner.com



Granshan Conference

Granshan conference (23–25 July) celebrates the diversity and richness of the typographic scripts that underpin global communication, empower communities, and enables identity. The annual Granshan conference is about typeface...[more]


My Face for Peace

»My Face for Peace« is an independent peace initiative of the German/Iranian artist Saeeid Dastmalchian and his wife Cordula, launched in October 2012 in Hamburg. On the website www.myfaceforpeace.org people from all around the...[more]


Photographic festival / PORTRAIT (S) / VICHY

With Portrait(s), the city of Vichy steps into the world of photography for the third consecutive year. Portrait(s), which will run from 12 June until 6 September, is the only exhibition in France to focus exclusively on the art...[more]


Call for entries: Hiii Illustration 2015

The Hiii Illustration 2015 International Competition is now open for entries. The Chinese competition addresses illustrators, creative professionals, publishers, agencies, representatives, students and teachers from all around...[more]


Orphaned art

Beautiful, interesting art items that end up in depots to be forgotten by closing museums (orphaned art), will get a new life at gallery OODE in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.OODE is dedicated to the works of young product designers...[more]

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