10/15sensitive subjects

Some topics are difficult to handle and require tact and empathy. In our October issue we present some of these »sensitive issues«. The topics range from AIDS to suicide, but don't worry, even if these topics don't sound very pretty, the design will raise your spirits. 

The cover design was done by Optik Studio and a combination of softtouch-foil and effect varnish by KMC produces a very special haptic.

Single issues can be bought at: www.stiebner.com



Print Matters

Graphics is not restricted to 2D surface anymore in today’s print. While traditional manual techniques like screen printing and letterpress still captivate designers with its handmade characteristics and colour choices, new...[more]


Design History: The complete interview with Jeremy Aynsley

Unfortunately we did not have enough space in novum 09.15 to print the whole interview with design historian Jeremy Aynsley. Here we go now …[more]


FS Shepton – a new font by Fontsmith

London type foundry Fontsmith has just released a new type: FS Shepton. Most handwritten typefaces are created entirely digitally. Not FS Shepton! From the start, the intention was to create a collection of alphabets of similar...[more]


making of novum 05/12

EIGA from Hamburg designed the Mai cover of novum and P.O.P. Werbeteam did a great printing job. Printed on Curious Metallics, matt finish and a double clear-coat finish turned this cover into something very special. Watch how...[more]

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