09/15design & society

This issue is different. We experimented with text, typography, white space and full-page images. And we present designers, who are critical, who are active in the community and who like to do things differently. The cover also picks up the notion of diversity. We used a combination of offset and silkscreen printing and by turning the sheets during the printing process, we generated 16 different versions of the motive.
The topic of our September issue is »design & society«


Single issues can be bought at: www.stiebner.com



United Notions – Final Exhibition

The final exhibition United Notions will be hold in the centre of art and culture in the most pictur¬esque city in Russia, in St.Petersburg. 40 posters from 20 studios, explaining simple and complex things through type,...[more]


Design History: The complete interview with Jeremy Aynsley

Unfortunately we did not have enough space in novum 09.15 to print the whole interview with design historian Jeremy Aynsley. Here we go now …[more]


FS Shepton – a new font by Fontsmith

London type foundry Fontsmith has just released a new type: FS Shepton. Most handwritten typefaces are created entirely digitally. Not FS Shepton! From the start, the intention was to create a collection of alphabets of similar...[more]


Photographic festival / PORTRAIT (S) / VICHY

With Portrait(s), the city of Vichy steps into the world of photography for the third consecutive year. Portrait(s), which will run from 12 June until 6 September, is the only exhibition in France to focus exclusively on the art...[more]


Call for entries: Hiii Illustration 2015

The Hiii Illustration 2015 International Competition is now open for entries. The Chinese competition addresses illustrators, creative professionals, publishers, agencies, representatives, students and teachers from all around...[more]

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