Book design

Electronic reading devices continue to challenge printed books, but judging by its creative potential the good old book will stay alive an kicking for a long time.

We present you with a book design selection worth seeing.

Visual Rock ’n’ Roll (Onkel & Onkel)   
A Dane in the Big Apple (Poul Lange)    
It’s Blooming Grand (Blumenbar)   
A Bibliophile’s Garden of Eden (Groothuis, Lohfert, Konsorten)   
Changing Vision (Petra Breuer)   
Books for all the Senses (Voland & Quist)   
A Seasonal Whodunnit: Crimeletters (Basse & Lechner)   
Classic Pop  (Fischer Verlag / Vier für Texas)
Titles with Character (Connewitzer Verlagsbuchhandlung)